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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 33 reviews Write a review

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 33 reviews
      little old lady did it all by myself

      I have just enough power tools and ignorance to be dangerous..... this was easy to install and looks good. Time will tell if it's sturdy enough to hold up.
      I did have trouble finding the studs and I don't have drywall, so my experience was a bit different than most. Sank a few extra screws to be extra sturdy.

      Irina K
      We love our table!

      Pricy but very well worth it, very beautiful bamboo finish, perfect size for our space. Well designed and good clear instructions. One thing I would have added are tabs to hold the underneath pieces extended, since right now they flip around. The table never folded on us yet, but it would be a good assurance.

      Sean P.
      Perfect for the space

      Wish it held a little bit more weight

      Nice sturdy desk

      Nice little folding desk that fits perfectly within the tight spot in my room. Assembling was easy enough, but in order to really secure the brackets, I had to use toggle bolts instead of the anchors that were included in the package. Overall I鈥檓 very happy with this desk.

      David Brown
      Quality manufactured product

      Easy to install and everything I needed was included and worked perfectly. Very high quality. None of the included screws hit a 2x4 stud, so I'm going to replace the top three screws on the horizontal board, with toggle bolts to make sure it doesn't fall of the wall. I think the included drill bit was a bit too large, thus the holes were a bit too large for the inserts to grab tightly. I used a smaller bit for the remaining holes and they fit much better. Overall, this product was extremely high quality and showed pride.