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      Why can you buy furniture with confidence here?

      1.Order Fulfillment Process

      1) After receiving your order confirmation email, we will start to prepare your order, check the quality of each piece of furniture, and mark the number of accessories (each accessory and installation drawing are paired one by one and affixed with a corresponding number label), Then pack according to the belows  process. This process takes 1-2 weeks.

      2) The order is submitted to the first vovage shipping company for transportation. Generally, North American orders are by Mason Express/Costco, which takes 3-4 weeks; European orders are by CR Express (China Railway Express), which takes 4-5 weeks. Other countries are transported by special line, and the time varies according to different countries, usually 2-5 weeks, and the specific time will be notified by email.

      3) Delivery, The unit carton weight is under 40kg furnitures are usually delivered by UPS/FEDEX/DHL GROUND. Oversized and overweight furniture is packed on pallets and delivered by local trucks. This usually takes 1-2 weeks, including customs clearance, payment of duties, pick up of goods, delivery.

      2. Packaging security

      1) To avoid scratches on furniture accessories, each piece of furniture will be packaged with 2mm EPE foam to avoid scratches caused by sliding friction during transportation.

      2) To avoid scratches on the edges of the furniture, the edges of each box of furniture are protected with super-hard kraft paper strips, each corner is protected with large plastic corner protectors, and each surface is protected with 1CM EPE foam board.

      3) To prevent the furniture from breaking, the single piece of furniture weighing more than 40kg will be delivered by a forklift on the pallet.

      4) To avoid the furniture from getting wet or damp, all the outer boxes of the furniture are protected by waterproof film and tape at 360 degrees. Sofa cushions and pillows are packed in vacuum bags.

      3. Service Guarantee

      Before you receive your furniture, you will receive these calls or emails from us.

      1) Order information and delivery address confirmation email (you will receive this email in 48 hours)

      2) The order shipping confirmed email , including the picture of the order package, including the number of boxes, weight, size, first vovage shipping information, container information, tracking URL, estimated arrival time and waybill number (generally you will receive the second email in 1-2 weeks ) , if there is no reply we will contact you by phone)

      3) Delivery appointment, when your furniture arrives in your country and the delivery company clears the customs and pays the customs duties for picking up your order, the delivery company will call you to make an appointment for delivery (remember, your order includes all fees, please refuse to pay any additional charges)

      4) Sign for receipt and installation service. When signing for the furniture, confirm that the goods you received are consistent with the photos we provided. If there is any damage or dent, please reject it and take a photo and email it to us as the first time. After signing for the goods, we will provide furniture installation videos and detailed installation drawings. If you have any installation questions, email or call us to assist you in completing the installation.

      5) After-sales service, during the use of furniture, if there is any damage or affects safe use, please notify us by email, and we will provide free parts replacement and repair.

      4.Fund security

      You can choose to pay by debit card, credit card via PayPal or our credit card channel (Asiabill).
      Before you sign for your order, PayPal and Asiabill will freeze or escrow your order funds to ensure that when you initiate a refund, there will be enough funds to be refunded to your account as soon as possible. Please note that your order inclues all charge and no additional fees are required.


      What do I need to help for my order?

      Email:  jason1979.h@gmail.com

      Hotline: +1-865-823-62888