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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews Write a review

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Patrick Waguespack
      Works great!!!

      It is Looks great. Easy install. Perfect for my family use.
      We use it as a foldable bench for the entryway to put on and take off shoes before entering or exiting the house. Works great for this.

      Odin Costa
      Mounting is an issue

      The seats are decent once tuned up / tightened, but mounting them in an entryway was a bit of engineering. Luckily I have a lumber mill and good walnut logs . I was able to mill the back plates to mount the seats the mounting hardware is for concrete walls, and the mounting holes are 10" so if you want to mount to 16" on center studs you need at least 1x5x16.5 backing plate or a hard wood. Pine will not hold up. I installed 3 seats, so we made two 1x5x48" back plates. I guess time will tell about the durability I will update if needed.

      Matthew Heckel
      Actually works and looks great. Difficult install.

      Kinda worried this thing would break under my 200lbs. But It’s Solid. No issues. Used it in my garage so I could put on bike shoes, boots, etc. Folds up nice & Actually Looks great! Only issue is the spacing of the mounting screws doesn’t match a 16” on center stud and the install hardware isn’t up to the task in a hollow wall application. Had to replace a wall anchor on one side with a Berger version and screw the other directly into a stud. If you’re handy, non-issue, otherwise I recommend you have a carpenter do the install.

      Mark Dalen
      Works great as an entryway bench.

      Looks great. Easy install. Compact. Perfect for our use. We use it as a foldable bench for the entryway to put on and take off shoes before entering or exiting the house. Works great for this. The install was easy. I did go to Home Depot to get lag bolts to use in studs (they supply 4 expanding wall bolts for tile or drywall). I also replaced the expanders with something a bit beefier - so I used 2 lag bolts in a stud and 2 heavy duty (350lb) drywall expander screws. Solid as a rock and very convenient. Again, it looks and works great for this purpose.

      Ken Hilbish
      Extremely strong and space saver

      The chair excided my expectation. It is solid strong; a two hundred pound man can use it. I installed it in a walk-in closet to have a place to change my shoes, and the bench is seamless when it is in the fold position; it saves much space. To ensure the installation lasts a lifetime, we used heavier bolts and made sure to use the studs on the wall. The finish is beautiful, and in my case, it helps when I am using delicate fabrics; the wood's polish is perfect; my closet is cedar, and the dark color of the chair blends well with the walls.